OpenDinkel -River Solute Transport


Water quality modeling is an important yardstick to inform us of the spatial and temporal quality of our rivers, streams and lakes. Several models and software exist to help us accomplish this. However, often we are unable to use these existing tools as a result of extensive data requirements, costs and flexibility of modifying these tools to answer specific water quality problems.  This work is a product of two Master of Sciences theses  “Develop a GUI for handling water quality modeling in ILWIS Open for the 52oNorth Dinkel River” that were supported by the 52oNorth Initiative. For more details on these theses the reader is referred to (Kabo-bah, 2010; Yin, 2010). The resultant product from this work is a plug-in dubbed “OpenDinkel” in ILWIS Open. ILWIS Open is an open source and free remote sensing and GIS software supported by 52oNorth GmH Open Source Initiative. It has an extension for handling hydro-processing. This advantage makes it suitable for hydrological modeling. Therefore, the Full Equations (FEQ) model was incorporated to link up with this hydro-processing capability for performing unsteady flow studies (Yin, 2010). Since the fate and transport of solutes in rivers, streams and lakes is affected by hydro-transport activities, this implies that, FEQ model could further be coupled with a water quality model. As a result, the one-dimensional transient model with inflow and storage (OTIS) model was used.

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