Rivers are continuous populated on annual problems. The root causes of river pollution are the obvious indiscriminate activities of people and industrial expansion. As more and more people run to the cities for a better life, there are projected negative impacts on the pollution of rivers and streams passing through the urban cities. Providing clean water to aquatic life by river quality remediation and at same time, providing safe and reliable access to potable water continue to be a great challenge for providers and decision makers. To this end, the use of bacterial technology has proven as a vital and yet multi-faceted solution to river quality remediation.

h20tulkit is a toolkit developed during my PhD study on the Statistical Models and Toolkit for Water Quality Modelling of Rivers. The toolkit is simple software to support the description of the fate of Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Total Phosphorus and Ammonia Nitrogen on condition a given set of water quality measurements are known. The work was developed to support bacterial treatment processes of polluted rivers in parts of China. The development of this toolkit was made possible through the project of Prof Xie Yuebo of the State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering of the Hohai University, Nanjing China. This is an on-going research and would be regularly updated to take care of new developments and insights for water quality modelling of urban rivers. The author welcomes suggestions and comments from any user who may be using this toolkit. Your comments and suggestions can go a long way to provide answers to the improvement of this toolkit.


Download Setup here: